About the artist

Marisa Moore

I am so proud to be an Australian artist dedicated to the creation of Healing Mandalas. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, visions, and various art forms, I pour my heart and soul into each mandala, resulting in unique pieces that carry distinct frequencies and messages. Each piece can take months to finish as I often sit with them and let them speak to me.

Welcome to the World of Healing Mandalas

Explore the transformative power of intuitive art with my collection of Healing Mandalas. Each creation is a harmonious blend of vibrant colours, sacred symbols, and layered frequencies, meticulously crafted here in Australia. I am so passionate about infusing positive energy and healing into every piece and I love that my healing is making it way into the homes of beautiful souls.

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Small $50 + postage and Handling
Gift Cards $7 + postage and Handling

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What Sets Our Mandalas Apart:

  • Energetic Frequencies: Every Healing Mandala is designed with specific colours and symbols, each carrying a unique frequency. Choose the one that resonates with you, and let its energy guide you on your healing journey.
  • Transformation Through Layers: Witness the evolution of each mandala as layers of acrylic paint, stencils, pens, and pencils come together. Each piece is a testament to patience, creativity, channelling, and the unfolding of a healing through art and messages.
  • Versatile Meditation Tools: Incorporate our Healing Mandalas into your meditation practice. Set intentions, focus your mind, and experience the profound connection between art and healing.
  • Testimonials: Trusted by healers and yoga practitioners, our Mandalas have found homes in spaces dedicated to well-being. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have experienced the positive impact of these transformative artworks.

Explore Our Collection

Browse through our curated collection of Healing Mandalas, each telling a unique story. From pieces that promote grounding, like the one gracing the Warburton Wellspring Yoga room, to those evoking transformation, nature connection, healing, joy, and balance, there’s a mandala waiting to become a cherished part of your space.

Own a Piece of Healing Art:

Select your Favorite Healing Mandala and invite its energy into your life. These artworks make thoughtful gifts for yourself or loved ones, carrying the intention of healing, positivity, and inspiration. You can choose from a lovely gift card with a channelled message of the back to a small 290×290 reproduction or a large 505×505 reproduction print on high quality paper that wont fade or discolour.  

Limited Reproductions:

“Experience the exclusive magic of a Marisa Moore Healing Mandala, reproduced only 111 times in both large and small formats. Each piece is accompanied by a channelled message, a certificate of authenticity, and a unique serial number within the limited series. After the 111 reproductions, the energy of these mandalas remains uniquely yours, making them a truly special addition to your space.”

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Connect with Us:

Have questions or want to share your experience with our Healing Mandalas? Feel free to reach out. We love hearing how these creations become an integral part of your spiritual journey.

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Commissions Welcome

“Embark on a unique journey of co-creation as we collaborate with spirit to commission your personalized Healing Mandala. Together, we’ll sit down for an immersive session, where I will channel your message, colours, and symbols. Whether it’s done through Zoom, phone, or in person, this sacred exchange allows us to tap into your essence and receive divine guidance. I will then take this channelled inspiration and bring it to life, crafting a one-of-a-kind Healing Mandala that resonates with your energy. This collaborative process ensures that your mandala becomes a powerful reflection of your spiritual journey, infused with intention, and crafted with love. Experience the magic of a commissioned mandala, a unique masterpiece tailored just for you.”


In 2006, my artistic journey began on a soul-stirring trip to Bali. After spending a day in the heart of Ubud, I made my way back to Melati Cottages in Penestanan, as I walked down the dirt road, I was drawn to the Wikan shop. Expressing my love for the art, I found myself sitting with Ketut to paint my first piece. The next day, surrounded by the warmth of Ketut and his wife Nyoman, I marvelled at the unexpected beauty I had created. Overwhelmed with inspiration, I returned home, carrying the magic of that experience in my heart still to this day. It led me to enrol in a mandala class, and today, my paintings reflect the transformative spark ignited in the heart of Bali, a journey that forever changed my artistic path, and a friendship that I cherish in my heart.”

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