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Are you a woman seeking solace, rejuvenation, and meaningful connections? Welcome to The Art of Wholeness Retreat, a sanctuary crafted for you. Held seasonally amidst the enchanting landscapes and energy of Warburton, our retreats are a call to embark on a transformative journey toward self-discovery and holistic wellness.

Nestled in the heart of Warburton minutes from the Yarra River, this intimate one on one retreat is perfect for healing and restoration of the body and mind. Nourish your body with wholesome food, nurture your soul in nature, and allow the opening of your heart through healing practices. Enjoy a fully customised program to reach your wellness goals with your host Marisa.

NDIS Women’s retreats

3 days / 2 nights


  • Delicious Vegan meals – all meals are home cooked and dietary needs are accommodated.
  • Private 1 Bedroom accommodation – King bed with beautiful linen.
  • Opening circle – Beautiful mediation and messages from oracle cards
  • Forest Therapy – Sacred moments in the Redwood Forest
  • Core Clearing Breathwork – Gentle breathwork connecting you to your heart wisdom.
  • Tapas Acupressure Technique – Release trauma with ease and without relieving the experience.
  • Art Therapy – create a personalized piece of abstract art to take home and put on your wall
  • Sound Healing – float away to sounds of singing bowls
  • Free time to relax – explore the local town of Warburton
  • Gift Box on arrival
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Massage and facials for additional cost
One night – 2pm arrival – 2pm departure – weekday Monday to Thursday only $ 880
Two nights – 4pm arrival – 4pm departure – Friday To Saturday $1800
Three night – 4pm arrival – 4pm departure Friday to Saturday $ 2200

Please contact Marisa for longer stays

Itinerary example

Day 1

Settle into your accommodation and enjoy a refreshment on arrival, take a walk around and get familiar with your surroundings. Enter your sacred circle where you will set your intentions for the retreat. Experience your first healing session before a home cooked meal to nourish your body. After dinner melt away any stress and tension with beautiful sound healing session.

Day 2

Start your day with a delicious breakfast listening to the local bird life. Then awaken your senses with a beautiful forest therapy walk in the magical redwood forest. Forest Therapy slows down the mind and body allowing you to reconnect with nature.

On return to your cottage, relax while your lunch is being prepared, after lunch gently transform your worries through a TAT session and then we begin to create your own beautiful piece of unique artwork that tells your healing journey through colour and images.

Relax once again while dinner is prepared for you, sit outside, or take a walk along the river. After dinner sit with your journal and reflect on your day and find your inspiration and transformation through writing.

Day 3

Awaken to a nourishing breakfast and a walk along the river to find your centre. We continue your healing journey through exploring through breathwork where you will guide into your hearts wisdom for the answers you seek.

Continue work on your art piece and discover your inner artist, we all have one. As the retreat winds down, we continue your healing transformation and nurturing your body with a delicious lunch. At the end of the day, we will close the circle with a chai tea and big hug to send you home with.

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Itinerary Example

Embark on a Transformative Journey through the Seasons at The Art of Wholeness Retreat

As we embark on our healing journey through the seasons, each one unfolds with its unique healing vibrations and energies, mirroring the cycles of nature and the profound changes within ourselves. At The Art of Wholeness Retreat, we delve into the wisdom of the four seasons, embracing the inherent lessons and transformative energies they offer.

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Our retreats are intentionally intimate, limited to just four incredible women.

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