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Are you a woman seeking solace, rejuvenation, and meaningful connections?

Welcome to The Art of Wholeness Retreat, a sanctuary crafted for you!

Held seasonally amidst the enchanting landscapes and energy of Warburton, our retreats are a call to embark on a transformative journey toward self-discovery and holistic wellness.

Art of Wholeness Retreat

         3 days / 2 nights

Arrival: Winter Dates TBA. 4:00pm AEDT
Departure: Winter Dates TBA. 4:00pm AEDT
Hosts: Karen & Marisa
Location: Warburton, VIC 3799
Places: 4
Ground Floor
 $2600 1 room + ensuite
$2600: 1 room + private bathroom
First Floor
$2500: 2 private rooms + shared bathroom

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Here’s to my fellow creators and change-makers!

I’m thrilled to connect with all of you here. As kindred spirits in the realm of shaking things up, creating, and making moves, I comprehend the motivations that drive us to embark on a transformative, healing, and expansive journey. It’s that unmistakable inner wisdom that resonates deeply, signalling that it’s time to undergo a transformation, heal, and broaden our existence so we can subsequently share that expansion with others. Our uniqueness lies in our profound understanding of the potency of change and the transformative impact it can have on both us and those around us.
In my journey of sharing my distinctive essence with others, I developed “The Marisa Moore Method.” It’s a harmonious blend of spirituality, healing, intuition, and business expertise that I weave together in various ways to bring about profound transformations in the lives of women who are ready to release and embody the change they seek. This method aims to bridge the gap between knowledge, wisdom, healing, teacher and student, the thrill of adventure in a secure haven, all contributing to the creation of positive transformations in the lives of others and beyond—an exhilarating journey.

My Values

The Marisa Moore Method reflects my unwavering dedication to creating a ripple effect of positive transformations, guided by a spirit of authenticity, compassion, and the pursuit of a life well-lived.

My Passion

Creating positive change, connections and adventure in women inspired me to develop The Marisa Moore Method.

My Mission

To bridge the gap between teacher and student, transformation and healing, nature and art, spirit, and guidance.

Why I do what I do

As a female in a world of uncertainty that is constantly changing its beliefs, ideas, demands and expectations, I see the need for slowing down, grounding, connection and good old-fashioned love and support.
Working hand in hand with the feminine energy, the creator, the trailblazer within me, I help incredible women who have somehow become lost in the uncertainty, become empowered, reconnected, and confident in who they are!…… this is my WHY. I encourage you to connect with me, because together we will ignite your true potency and create a truly beautiful ripple effect through every aspect of your life and the life of those around you.
Dare to be the change.

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Book Your Free Discovery Call

Embark on a complimentary 30-minute discovery call, where we can delve into your goals, challenges, and aspirations. This call is an opportunity for us to connect, discuss your specific needs, and explore how the Marisa Moore Method can be tailored to bring about the transformative change you seek.

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Personalized Attention

During our call, I’ll give you my full attention to understand your unique journey and aspirations.


Tailored Solutions

Together, we’ll explore how my coaching, retreats, forest therapy, TAT, or breathwork align with your goals.


Clarifying Your Path

Our conversation will offer clarity on how these modalities can work harmoniously to guide you on your transformative journey.


Intuitive Guidance

Utilizing intuition in your coaching or transformative processes can add a valuable and personalized dimension to your journey.

If you have any questions before scheduling, feel free to reach out on my Contact Page.

Your path to wellness and self-discovery starts with a simple step—scheduling your free discovery call. I look forward to the opportunity to connect with you, understand your story, and discuss how the Marisa Moore Method can be a catalyst for positive change in your life.


Read our clients reviews of their experiences on our retreats

Had such an amazing weekend enjoying beautiful food, amazing surroundings, and creating a mandala that was inspired with all the essences of what the weekend unfolded onto our canvas. Thankyou Marisa and Karen for a memorable weekend.

Suzzane Ashby / Berwick Vic

Beautiful as I imagined and so much more. The small group size allowed me to feel more comfortable quite quickly. I came away with my heart full and ready to confidently conquer the ups and downs in life. My energy felt calmer and more at peace. I cannot thank you enough beautiful woman, I’m in aw

Shel Kerin / Dandenong Ranges Vic

This was the first ever retreat for me. I had always wanted to go to one, it didn’t disappoint. It actually exceeded my expectations. The hosts were amazing, the itinerary was incredible and would do it all again in a heartbeat. Thanks so much Karen and Marisa

Therry Thomas / Victoria

Karen and Marisa were incredible, they created such a warm, welcoming, safe environment. I learnt so much and so many different ways of viewing things. By the end of the weekend I was feeling so much more light, open, relaxed and so very grateful.

Jayne Worthington / Victoria

Loved feeling like I could be my authentic self and sharing anything I felt I needed to. I love learning all those helpful tools that I can continue to use at home and in my life.

Shanice Weatherley / Dandenong Ranges Vic

This retreat was exactly what I needed and I have left with high levels of positive energy and a sense that I can achieve anything right now. The food was beyond amazing, the accommodation was stunning and the facilitators were so good at managing the huge variety of content.

Tara Cantwell / Mooroolbark Vic

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